Alexandra Davis - Dance

Dance makes fitness fun and dynamic!

Ballet Conditioning

A modern take on a classical theme, traditional ballet exercises are performed in such a way that no previous experience is required. It really targets those muscles that other classes don’t reach!  Upbeat, uptempo, uplifting.

Alex Ballet with a Chair
Alex Dance Aerobics

Strictly Dance Aerobics

A fun, high energy low impact dance aerobics class where you do exactly what it says on the tin  ie. “dance”. You will start with a basic aerobic routine which, stage by stage, turns into something a little more complex to challenge the mind as well as the body! Co-ordination is definitely an advantage as you mambo and cha cha your way through this highly choreographed class.

You will not notice you are working out as you sing your heart out to classic pop and party tracks, that could be disco, 80s new wave, dance anthems – anything goes! Strictly not just your average aerobic class!

It is essential that you : Enjoy a challenge! Bring a water bottle and sweat towel – you will need it! Wear non restrictive clothing and good supportive footwear.

Step Aerobics

I love teaching “old fashioned” Step Aerobics. My fast paced dance inspired routines to music (mainly 80’s hits that everybody loves) give you a fun and dynamic workout that not only keeps you fit, but develops stability and co-ordination.

Alex Step Aerobics
Alex dancing Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango

The most passionate dance every created is also very technical and physically demanding. The core exercises of the dance make a great workout and combined with a solid knowledge of Pilates produces a dynamic fusion that is a great core workout and great for toning legs.