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Alex dancing Argentine Tango

Strictly Tango Team Building

My speciality is the Argentine Tango, which unlike the ballroom version of this dance you’ve seen on Strictly Come Dancing, the real social dancing version of Argentine Tango is all about leading and following instinctively by intuitively reading your partners body language making it one of the best team building exercises there is.

Immense concentration and trust in your team mate is required and I often have men dancing together in a practice hold with their eyes closed, following every move and placing total trust in their partner.

Knowing how to lead (or invite) with confidence, and how to follow (or accept) with power and understanding are addressed in sessions that are both enlightening, challenging and great fun.

Alexandra’s Tutu Ballet Challenge

Fancy something crazy and great fun that takes you right out of your comfort zone?

Alex can put together a Team Building day to get your staff performing their very own version of the Nutcracker or Swan Lake!

This fun day not only includes basic posture and ballet technique, but co-ordination and a lot of team-work.

Ballet Challenge
Alex Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness

Keeping your employees physically, emotionally and mentally challenged is a great way to build motivation and increase productivity in the workplace.

Promote a positive workplace wellbeing by calling me in to give your business a boost!

Whether you are looking for a weekly session in the office or even online, this is a fantastic way to keep your colleagues fit and healthy.