My Classes

Alexandra Davis - My Classes

Join me at my weekly classes at these brilliant venues!

Hale Country Club & Spa

Hale Country Club & Spa

Hale Country Club & Spa, Clay Lane, Hale
Cheshire WA15 7AF
Phone: 0161 904 5939

(Members only)

11.00 am Pilates

2.00 pm Pilates

11:15 am Pilates

Total Fitness Altrincham

Total Fitness Altrincham

Denmark St, Altrincham,
Cheshire WA14 2DE

Phone: 0161 9254500

(Members only)

9.00 am Pilates
4.45 pm Pilates

9.00 am Fun Yoga Flow
10.20 am Barre

9.30 am Dance Step
10.45 am Pilates
12.00 noon Barre
5.30 pm Barre

9.00 am Pilates

The Grammar School Studio

The Grammar

Marlborough Road, Bowdon,
Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 2RS
Phone: 0161 929 1078

(Members and £5 for non-members)

6.10 pm Pilates

7.10 pm Pilates

What to bring

For all classes : Please wear appropriate clothing (layers in the colder months) and suitable footwear. Also recommended is your own exercise mat (yoga “sticky” ones are best), small towel to use as padding and a bottle of water.

To achieve best results, regularly exercise at least 3 times per week and include the following :

  • Cardio – brisk, speed or Nordic walking; jogging; running; swimming; aerobics; step aerobics or dancing!

  • Toning – weight bearing or resistance exercises with or without equipment.

  • Pilates– strengthening exercises to address posture, balance or even rehabilitation after injury or illness.

  • Yoga– exercises to increase mobility and flexibility.

Class Descriptions

Ballet / Barre – Conditioning exercises based on traditional ballet techniques with or without the use of a barre or chair.

Dance Aerobics / Dance Step – Fun highly choreographed routines set to uptempo classic pop and party tracks of the decades.

Body Tone – Conditioning exercises which may include use of a step and/or free weights, dyna bands or even hula hoop.

Nordic Walking – Invigorating outdoor walking using specially designed poles which takes stress off your joints as you power your way forward.

Pilates – Strength and conditioning exercises to increase posture, balance and mobility awareness.

Yoga – More dynamic than Pilates and working further to increase flexibility, stamina and strength.

New Classes

Are you are a fitness centre manager looking to add variety to your timetable?

Most requested classes have been :

  • Ballet / Barre
  • Dance Aerobics / Dance Step
  • Pilates
  • Yoga

Depending on availability, Alex would be happy to discuss any ideas you have to make your timetable even more exciting!